The concept behind POSSE is to create timeless pieces inspired by our POSSE of muses, both past and present.

Our POSSE seeks to design key pieces that our customer can easily pair into her existing wardrobe or show stopper styles that she can’t live without.

Reflecting an urban vintage vibe with a french flair, our range consists of effortless silhouettes and off-duty essentials. With each POSSE piece you can expect to find individual and effortlessly feminine additions to your own wardrobe and personal style.  

Come join the POSSE… (We’ve been waiting for you!)



POSSE is designed in Australia and produced off shore in Bali.  We passionately support fair trade and sustainable work ethics, employing local artisans with whom we share positive, open relationships.

Often in Bali women are not gifted with the opportunity to work, as more often than not they need to be at home caring for their families. Here at POSSE, we want to respect their culture and offer them the ability to work from the comfort of their homes, providing them a balanced lifestyle.

It is paramount to our philosophy that we give our employees the opportunity of fair, work conditions and we visit them monthly to ensure they are in a happy, comfortable environment.

These women are the soul to our earth and we are so blessed to work with such hard-working ladies.